Can sciatica affect erections?

Answer On One Hand: Symptom of a Similar ConditionSciatica is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve, which extends from the spinal cord to the buttock/hip area and down each leg. Symptoms include pai... Read More »

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Why do men get erections?

According to the Boston Children's Hospital's Young Men's Health website an erection is a common bodily action involving the stretching in both shape and size of the penis when it fills with blood.... Read More »

Can babies get erections?

Yes, and it is normal for very young children to get erections. Male babies can even get an erection while still in the womb.

Can a 4 month old baby get erections?

Yes. Young children and babies sometimes have erections, "training" for when they are older.It is a natural reaction to localized stimulation.Wait til your baby boy tires of playing with his finger... Read More »

Why do neutered male cats get erections?

Having a male neutered cat that still has erections can be frustrating to many pet owners. Understanding what the surgical procedure entails and the possible causes of the erection can help ease y... Read More »