Can schools reference religion or display religious symbols during the holidays?

Answer On One Hand: Displays Are LegalPublic schools conducting programs featuring sacred songs and building displays featuring menorahs and Christmas trees all have passed legal muster, according to both... Read More »

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How to Go to a Religious College Not Being Of That Religion?

Getting a good education at a university or college should not be impeded by your religion. However, some private institutions are based on faith. This guide is meant to show you how to attend thos... Read More »

How to Live in an Area With a Predominant Religion and Not Add to the Religious Polarization?

Sometimes you just happen to move into a neighborhood where there is a strong tendency to follow one religion and it doesn't happen to be yours. It can happen where immigrants have chosen to resett... Read More »

Religious Correspondence Schools?

Correspondence schools have gained recent popularity as more and more students desire non-traditional learning centers. Some parents choose to allow their children to attend a correspondence school... Read More »

Religious Boarding Schools?

Religious boarding schools are found throughout the United States and other countries. Each school is different regarding class size, dress code and rules for students to follow while living on cam... Read More »