Can schools ask about your religion or sexuality?

Answer On One Hand: Public Schools Must Abide by the First AmendmentPublic schools and universities do not have the right to ask about a student's religion or sexuality. A recent article in the Washington... Read More »

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About Religion in the Public Schools?

The First Amendment mandates that public school officials must maintain a neutral policy in their treatment of religion. Schools cannot show hostility or favoritism toward or against religious expr... Read More »

Quick Facts About Religion in Schools?

Religious freedom is and always has been an ideal upheld by the United States and its citizens. As a result, people often hotly debate matters concerning religion in schools. Certain government act... Read More »

Are you allowed to learn about religion in schools?

On One Hand: Some Acts UnconstitutionalAccording to the religious freedom organization, courts have moved to prohibit mandatory school prayer. In addition, teachers and schoo... Read More »

Is it considered emotional abuse when your parents will not accept your sexuality and won't let you be yourself and be happy?

It depends on how old you are and what they are doing. You say they "will not accept" your sexuality, and "won't let you be yourself and be happy". If you mean they are telling you that you'll grow... Read More »