Can santa have children?

Answer This is a very interesting question! There's nothing in Santa's history to suggest he ever had children of his own, but he does love children and wants them to be happy.I guess you could argue that... Read More »

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Where do all the letters children write to Santa each year end up?

In the garbage at the "local" post office...or at the "believers" house.(EVIL LAUGHTER) HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!What a waste of trees Christmas is.Christmas and Santa are scams so parents can indulge th... Read More »

Parents to young children with no chimney (only read if you believe in Santa)?

You can buy 'Magic keys' in the shop, they are like big bronze keys that wouldnt open any door, but your child doesnt know that. You leave it on your doorstep and santa gets in by the door cos he h... Read More »

What rights do step children have as heirs if there are no biological children?

Step-children have no rights to an estate unless they were legally adopted or unless the decedent left a will naming them as beneficiaries.

Do adopted children have the same rights as biological children?

Yes. They Do. An adoptee has the same legal rights as if they were biological child in a court of law.