Can saliva kill flowers?

Answer no of course not in fact siliva is actually waterbut mixed with a lot of chemicals from your bodythe only siliva that can kill flowers is flemtoo much salt and food chemicas in it

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Why Does Frost Kill Flowers?

Few things are more disheartening than to see a bunch of pretty buds or gorgeous blooms appear but then be wiped out overnight by a killing frost. Not every frost is capable of killing flowers, but... Read More »

Will Atrazine Kill My Flowers?

Atrazine, like many other broadleaf and grass killers, harms or kills flowers that are exposed to it. When using herbicides containing atrazine, avoid drift if applying in a liquid form. Also avoid... Read More »

How do weeds kill other flowers nearby them?

block out sun, soak up water, use up nutrients in the soil.

The weather where I live is supposed to be a Low 30degrees Fahrenheit. Will this kill my newly planted flowers?

Those flowers are fairly frost resistant. But to ease your worries you can always cover them with sheets or old table cloths or something. It will keep the cold air and moisture from condensing i... Read More »