Can running reduce back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Not If You're InjuredEvery step taken running jars the entire body and puts stress on the torso. If your back is injured, this can easily re-injure your back or at least slow the heali... Read More »

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How to Stretch Your Back to Reduce Back Pain?

Back pain is frequently caused by over or under use of the muscles in the back, stomach, hips, thighs and neck. People who work at a desk are especially prone to muscle tension that leads to muscul... Read More »

Does running cause back pain?

On One Hand: Not If You Have Strong MusclesTrunk and hip muscles minimize the risk of back pain when running. Weakness in your trunk and hip muscles can cause your lower back to compensate the work... Read More »

How to Reduce Back Pain With New Shoes?

Back pain can come from a variety of causes, from natural aging to sitting to improper shoes. If you are experiencing back pain when walking, standing or running, then your shoes and walking gait m... Read More »

My mother is suffering from extreme pain due to cancer. What can reduce the pain?

She's on maximum dosage of what? Aspirin? Codeine? Morphine?Where does it hurt?What is the treatment? I hope it's not some quackery.The more you can tell us, the more we can suggest.