Can rotten teeth cause a stroke?

Answer On One Hand: There Is A LinkRotten teeth have been linked to strokes. The connection with rotten teeth is tied to periodontal disease, which attacks the bones and gum around the teeth. Without trea... Read More »

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Is it my wisdom teeth or rotten tooth?

See a dentist right away and let them figure it out. Where I live I could call some dentists with a dental emergency and they just tell me that their schedule is booked for the day. The next a... Read More »

Why do the British have such rotten teeth?

The NHS (their health system) does not cover dental. My cousin in Liverpool told me that NHS does have dental clinics but apparently they're useless compared to the private ones. I’ve traveled to... Read More »

What would cause rotten food smell in kitchen drains?

Exactly that, rotten food. Purchase some drain cleaner and follow directions. Food leaves some bacteria in the pipes of kitchen sinks. Of course it shouldnt, reality is that it does. 3 or 4 times p... Read More »

Can wisdom teeth cause other forward teeth to become cracked by pressure?

Answer No, that can't really happen. Teeth can get cracked my a number of different things. No It is very unlikely that front teeth get cracked due to pressure caussed by wisdom teeth. Usually it t... Read More »