Can roses be planted in the summer?

Answer Roses can be planted between early spring and early fall. However, the later you plant them, the harder time the roses will have taking root before winter. Quality plants are also easier to find in... Read More »

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How far apart should climbing roses be planted?

Plant climbing roses 8 to 12 feet apart when growing next to a fence for support. If you train the roses to grow up a trellis or wall, then plant them 3 feet apart. Climbing roses tend to grow as t... Read More »

When should roses be planted in indiana?

In Indiana (Midwest region), roses should be planted in spring. With proper winter preparation, roses can be planted in the fall. The site where roses are planted should be prepared four to six wee... Read More »

Can climbing roses be planted partially in the sun?

Climbing roses, as well as other varieties, require a minimum of 6 hours of sunshine per day. Morning sunshine is preferable. So long as the plant receives this minimum amount of sunshine, partial ... Read More »

Last week I planted some seeds and bare roots roses and used wood mulch after, now I have been told it may kil?

Wood mulch will not harm bare root roses in any way.Indeed,the effects will be beneficial the dressing will act as a mulch helping to retain moisture in the soil.As the mulch decays it will add hum... Read More »