Can roses be grown as house plants?

Answer Yes. But keep them by a window and make sure they have a good size pot for roots. Make sure to water them! Good Luck!

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What is the reason that roses are grown?

Roses are grown because God wanted them to grow

Where can I get more information on Roses that are locally grown for my part of California?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Roses and more... American Rose Society. Everything about every Rose that ever bloomed. And after they fill your head about Roses, get in contact with... Read More »

Can guinea pigs eat house plants and what house plants can they eat?

You have to be very careful feeding plants to guinea pigs as many are poisonous. Here is a short list of what is safe to feed them: Dandelion leaves,grasscolt's footmeadow horsetailchickweedyarrow... Read More »

Can shrimp plants be grown in the sun?

Shrimp plants are drought-resistant and do well in direct sunlight. Unlike most houseplants, you can grow the shrimp plant in the sun. Popular types are the "Yellow queen" and maroon-colored ones, ... Read More »