Can rocks float better in water or salt water?

Answer A rock sinks or floats in water depending on its relative density to the surrounding water. Salt adds to the mass of water, making the water denser. Since objects float better on a dense surface, r... Read More »

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Will an egg float in regular water, salt water or sugar water?

A fresh egg will sink in plain water because it is more dense than the water. The same egg will float in salt or sugar water because the water is more dense with the addition of the salt or sugar. ... Read More »

Do eggs float faster in sugar water or salt water?

The reason that eggs float or sink in certain fluids such as water is based on their density. If the density of the egg is more than the density of the water it will sink. This can be adjusted by a... Read More »

How much salt does it take to make an egg float in water?

Floating a large grade A egg will require 4 tbsp. of salt per 2 cups of cold water. Older eggs will require less salt as the air pocket in the egg gets larger with time. Dissolve the salt complet... Read More »

Does salt water help things float?

Compared to fresh water, salt water helps things float more easily. Salt water is denser due to the salt content, which helps the water support objects. For an object to float in salt water, it mus... Read More »