Can relationships starting from marrital affairs last?

Answer The odds are against it. What credibility has a relationship based on lies and deceit. What happened once will happen again.I agree, I would not trust either person who had an affair, they may go a... Read More »

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There is pain in my left arm and chest from last 5 days I am suffering from anxiety from last 5 months HELP!?

Time for some straight talk.Asking the same questions over & over again doesn't get you better answers and is SPAM.You've been told multiple times it's anxiety. Why do you listen to a "friend" and... Read More »

Can a starting capacitor lower a fridge starting draw from 2400 watts to 800 or less without damaging the motor and how can the size of capacitor needed be determined?

could be If you lower the start cap size it may take milliseconds longer to start so it will still use the approximate same amt of power.Size? search for "appliance repair parts" enter your model n... Read More »

Can you get an Apostille stamp from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moldova?

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Moldova can issue an Apostille stamp. The Republic of Moldova has joined the Hague Apostille Convention, all members of which can issue Apostille stamps to certif... Read More »

How to Cultivate Growth in Everything from Roses to Relationships?

From Roses to Relationships: Essentials needed to cultivate growthAll living things ranging from your roses to your relationships need basic essentials to root, sprout, grow and thrive. There is no... Read More »