Can refrigerators be transported on their backs?

Answer It is not recommended, but a refrigerator can be transported on its back with caution. It is best to locate the refrigerant lines that run to the freezer and keep it as upright as possible. Once mo... Read More »

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Can refrigerators be transported laying down?

A refrigerator should never be transported lying down unless it is the only available option. In cases such as this, place the unit on its side as opposed to handle side up.Source:GE Appliances: Re... Read More »

Are Haier refrigerators better than LG refrigerators?

On One Hand: Haier is an Up and ComerThe Haier brand, which started as a Chinese company in the 1920s, has been making compact refrigerators for years, and has been making full-size models for the ... Read More »

How is cheese transported to other countries?

Care must be taken when transporting cheese because it is liable to lose its shape or to spoil. Cheese must be handled properly and kept at a constant temperature to be transported successfully.Pro... Read More »

How is sea salt transported to the market?

Sea salt, once collected out of necessity when mined salt could not be obtained, has become a sought-after and more carefully packaged luxury item than rock salt. Sea salt is often shipped in glass... Read More »