Can refrigerators be laid down?

Answer You can lay a refrigerator down, but it is not advised. If you must lay the appliance down, place a box or something under the top part of the fridge to prop the top up higher than the bottom. This... Read More »

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Are Haier refrigerators better than LG refrigerators?

On One Hand: Haier is an Up and ComerThe Haier brand, which started as a Chinese company in the 1920s, has been making compact refrigerators for years, and has been making full-size models for the ... Read More »

I am laid in bed with?

If you do have a cold its probably a virus n which case there is no cure. However, regarding your throat and voice problem I would see the doctor as they might be able to give you something for it... Read More »

Can an LCD TV be laid flat?

A LCD television can be transported flat, though it is not recommended to do so. Transporting a LCD TV flat, while in a vehicle, can actually cause the glass of the screen to bend, potentially dest... Read More »

What does dry-laid fieldstone mean?

Dry-laid fieldstone simply means that you gather stones and make a patio, walkway or fence without using mortar. When dry-laying fieldstone, do not shape the stones. Rather, try to find stones that... Read More »