Can refrigerators be laid down?

Answer You can lay a refrigerator down, but it is not advised. If you must lay the appliance down, place a box or something under the top part of the fridge to prop the top up higher than the bottom. This... Read More »

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Can hot water heaters be laid down?

You can lay hot water heaters down, but it is not recommended. This can cause damage to your hot water heater, but it is common for plumbers to lay hot water heaters on their sides during transport... Read More »

Laid down a fridge to transport?

I'm not a professional Refrigeration or HVAC guy, but I DO know this:Everyone who said that the fridge has to stand up-right (and NOT RUNNING) for 24 hours is correct. You can't cheat on this. Doin... Read More »

How much markdown for a laid down motorcycle?

They will kid you that it will make no difference...

Can refrigerators be transported laying down?

A refrigerator should never be transported lying down unless it is the only available option. In cases such as this, place the unit on its side as opposed to handle side up.Source:GE Appliances: Re... Read More »