Can recreational drug or alcohol abuse cause a low body temperature?

Answer On One Hand: Abuse of Certain Drugs Lowers Body TemperatureAccording to Columbia University's health service, excessive alcohol and/or barbiturate (Seconal, Tuinal) use can cause a sudden or persis... Read More »

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What problems can drug&alcohol abuse cause?

Drug and alcohol abuse is the use of chemical substances to achieve a desired effect on the body. This type of abuse often destroys the lives of those who use these substances.IdentificationDrug ab... Read More »

Consequences of Drug & Alcohol Abuse?

Drug abuse leading to addiction, including alcohol abuse and addiction, is considered to be a brain disease, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. The consequences of drug and alcohol ... Read More »

What is drug&alcohol abuse?

Alcohol and drug abuse can be difficult to understand and identify, as the terms get used interchangeably with addiction terminology. It's important to understand the difference between abuse and a... Read More »

What is the effect of drug&alcohol abuse on families?

The National Institute on Chemical Dependency states that the actions of one addict can affect at least twenty five people, many of them family members. Addiction can cause emotional, financial and... Read More »