Can rats have allergies?

Answer A red, runny nose and persistent scratching may be signs that your pet rat has an allergy--although mites are the more likely culprit. Food allergies are common in rats as they do not tolerate the ... Read More »

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Does Applebees have rats?

Wow. Don't believe a movie such as Talladega Nights.

Can hamsters&rats have babies?

Hamsters and rats are different species and cannot successfully mate to produce offspring. Rats are from the subfamily Muridae, and hamsters are from the subfamily Cricetinae. Rats and mice are clo... Read More »

Why do people have allergies?

It involves the immune system. But, the most important reason some people develop allergies and some don't is thought to be heredity. Preventing exposure in early life seems to decrease the risk of... Read More »

Do you have any food allergies?

Apple cider, I can eat all kinds of apples but turn them to cider and I blow up like the Goodyear blimp.I would not like your allergy because I can't live without my hunk of cheese and a big glass ... Read More »