Can rat poison kill humans?

Answer Yes, rat poison can kill a human. Rat poison causes internal bleeding in whomever or whatever ingests it by blocking the body's ability to form blood clots while weakening blood veins. This results... Read More »

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Is rat poison harmful to humans?

Rat poison is highly toxic to humans. Many rat poisons work by causing anti-coagulation, which prevents the blood within the body from clotting. These poisons cause internal bleeding and hemorrhagi... Read More »

Can you kill poison ivy?

You can kill poison ivy with herbicides, including glyphosate (Roundup or Kleenup) and amitrole (Amitrol-T or Weedazol). You can also pull poison ivy out by the roots if the soil is wet. Wear prote... Read More »

Will rat poison kill a cat?

Rat poison is indeed very toxic to cats if ingested. Many types of rat poisons cause the blood to thin and the cat to die from bleeding. Other poisons can kill a cat as well, and there is a risk of... Read More »

How to Kill Poison Oak?

Poison oak thrives on abandoned land but also in wood lots, at recreation sites and on Christmas tree farms. People who come in contact with poison oak experience skin irritation, itching, water bl... Read More »