Can rat poison hurt cats or dogs?

Answer Rat poison, or rodenticide, can cause internal bleeding in cats and dogs. It can be fatal if not treated soon after ingestion. Cats and dogs ingest the poison by eating the rodenticide directly. A ... Read More »

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The Effects of Rat Poison on Dogs & Cats?

Rat poison is one of the most common poisons dogs and cats get into. The poison itself is often mixed with a tasty food, such as peanut butter or gravy, so rats will eat it. The four types of roden... Read More »

The Effects of Rat Poison on Cats?

If you have a rodent problem, you may be tempted to purchase commercial products designed to kill rats. Unfortunately, many of these products are toxic to cats as well. If you suspect that your cat... Read More »

Mice Poison in Dogs?

Ingesting lethal amounts of mouse poison does not produce symptoms in dogs right away. It takes a few days before the poison can inhibit blood clotting, causing profuse bleeding of the internal org... Read More »

Is bag balm poison to dogs?

Bag balm is safe to use on dogs' feet. It was used on the dogs at Ground Zero in New York when their paws were sore from the rubble. Bag balm does contain the chemical 8-hydroxyquinoline sulfate, w... Read More »