Can radiant heating damage pianos?

Answer Radiant heating can damage the finish on a piano. Pianos require a stable room temperature in order to perform properly. When temperatures are hot, wood expands; cold temperatures cause wood to con... Read More »

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Can radiant heating dry damage an antique?

Radiant heating means a heat source actually warms a surface or object rather than forcing it into a room. Radiant heating is less damaging to antiques because it heats up more gradually and is not... Read More »

What Is Gas Radiant Heating?

Gas radiant heating is the process of using a device powered by natural gas to transfer heat to objects within a given room or space rather than heating the air as other types of heating do, explai... Read More »

What is Radiant Floor Heating?

Hold your hand over a cup of hot coffee and feel the warmth. A common conclusion is that heat rises. Logical maybe, but incorrect! "Hot air" rises but heat travels in any direction. That is why you... Read More »

Is a radiant heating system loud?

On One Hand: Radiant Heating Systems Are SilentAccording to the Concrete Network, one of the major advantages to a radiant heating system is that they are silent. With a radiant heating system ins... Read More »