Can radiant heating damage pianos?

Answer Radiant heating can damage the finish on a piano. Pianos require a stable room temperature in order to perform properly. When temperatures are hot, wood expands; cold temperatures cause wood to con... Read More »

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Can radiant heating dry damage an antique?

Radiant heating means a heat source actually warms a surface or object rather than forcing it into a room. Radiant heating is less damaging to antiques because it heats up more gradually and is not... Read More »

What Is Gas Radiant Heating?

Gas radiant heating is the process of using a device powered by natural gas to transfer heat to objects within a given room or space rather than heating the air as other types of heating do, explai... Read More »

Is a radiant heating system loud?

On One Hand: Radiant Heating Systems Are SilentAccording to the Concrete Network, one of the major advantages to a radiant heating system is that they are silent. With a radiant heating system ins... Read More »

How to Retrofit Radiant Floor Heating?

Heated floors can provide welcome relief from cold feet and high utility bills. Radiant floor systems capitalize on heat's natural tendency to rise, and the U.S. Department of Energy says they're m... Read More »