Can prozac affect the menstrual cycle?

Answer On One Hand: Prozac Can Cause Irregular Menstrual CyclesProzac is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI), which means it affects serotonin levels in the brain and is often used to treat de... Read More »

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Can prematurity birth affect the menstrual cycle?

Is it possible to not have a menstrual cycle?

Yes, when you do not have a menstrual cycle it is called amenorrhea. The primary form of this condition occurs when menstruation does not begin before the age of 16. The secondary form is when mens... Read More »

When do you burn most fat during a menstrual cycle?

On One Hand: During the Luteal CycleThe female body will burn more fat during the luteal phase of her menstrual cycle, which is the time after ovulation but before menses when the body produces hig... Read More »

How to Determine First Day of Menstrual Cycle?

The menstrual cycle is the common name given to the changes that occur in a woman's body on a monthly basis. The menstrual cycle is divided into separate phases: the follicular phase, ovulation and... Read More »