Can prostate biopsy cause cancer to spread?

Answer There is a small chance that a biopsy can cause cancer to spread. During a biopsy, a tumor is punctured several times, and this puncturing may cause the cancer to spread, according to Phoenix Sonog... Read More »

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When Prostate surgery fails and the Cancer has spread how long will I live?

Dad? Sorry that's just sounds way to familar! lol My father is going through the same thing right now to a tee! He found out August/september he had prostate cancer and had the operation in Decembe... Read More »

Does radiation exposure cause prostate cancer?

On One Hand: Established Links That Radiation Causes CancersAccording to a research review conducted by the JSI Center for Environmental Health Studies in Boston, MA, there is evidence of a connect... Read More »

Will prostate cancer cause low absolute lymphocyte?

Yes, because low absolute lymphocyte count is majority of times due to cancer but also due to other reasons. Anonymous

Is a prostate biopsy painful?

Prostate biopsy involves taking a small sample of prostate tissue, generally through the rectum. The sample is examined under a microscope to identify cancer cells. The procedure may take about 15 ... Read More »