Can property taxes be discharged in bankruptcy?

Answer Property taxes can be discharged in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You must include the taxing authority in your list of creditors when filing your bankruptcy petition. Since a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a ... Read More »

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Can income taxes be discharged in bankruptcy?

As a rule of thumb, personal income taxes and self-employment taxes can be discharged during bankruptcy as long as they are more than three years delinquent. Certain rules apply; for instance, the ... Read More »

Can monies owed to a property management company be discharged in chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Usually the new property management will send out a letter to the tenants announcing and introducing themselves to the existing tenants. If not, it is only a management company. They only manage th... Read More »

What Does It Mean When a Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Bankruptcies fall under federal jurisdiction in the United States. There are federal bankruptcy courts in every judicial district across the country. Federal law, the United States Bankruptcy Code,... Read More »

What If You Come Into Money Before Your Bankruptcy Is Discharged?

Obtaining money subsequent to a bankruptcy filing but before your receive your discharge can have various results depending upon the bankruptcy chapter that you chose. The vast majority of individu... Read More »