Can probiotics help manage depression?

Answer On One Hand: Possibly, According to New ResearchAt the University of Toronto, A. Venket Rao et al conducted a study and found that chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers who took probiotics for two mon... Read More »

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How do probiotics help allergies?

People frequently use probiotics to treat infections in the intestines, urinary tract, colon and vaginal area. In some cases, though, they are also used to treat allergies. In fact, probiotics have... Read More »

How to manage without my glasses!! HELP!!!?

I was just like you at one time- I first got glasses at 15, wore them for a short time and then avoided using them for several years because I didn't like wearing them and I was very afraid of how ... Read More »

How can I help my boyfriend manage his diabetes?

i completly understand your frustration. My dad has type one diabetes, and NOTHING seems to make him care about his health. Keep encouraging him as much as possible. Hopefully he will one day under... Read More »

How to manage pain in my spine HELP?

What Randy K said makes a lot of sense. Being almost 50 and having played sports and worked out my whole life, I have aches and pains all over. Stretching really does help. Everything flows bet... Read More »