Can priests adopt children?

Answer Answer I have heard of priest adopting children, however, they have to obtain special permission from the pope. This is because their hearts are not supposed to belong to anyone except God, this is... Read More »

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Can priests have children?

They cannot have children while they are serving as a priest, but they can retire from it and then get married and have children.

What Are the Duties of Mesopotamian Priests?

The priests of ancient Mesopotamia possessed a large amount of authority that extended throughout several realms of Mesopotamian society. As a result, the duties of priests varied in nature, from r... Read More »

How many children molested by priests in 2004 2005 2006 and 2007?

Answer There are no correct statistics on this because the Catholic Church has hidden many of these cases of child molestation and just relocated some priests that have been charged with child mole... Read More »

This is for a school project: Are you married or not married How many nights a month do you go out socially?

I am not married. It depends on what season it is, but right now due to other focuses...I maybe only go out 4 times a month socially. Summer is very different from the in between season time of yea... Read More »