Can pressing on your stomach hurt the baby?

Answer Yes, it can.

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Your partner feels at times a very strong pulse her's not the baby's in the lower stomach area - could the baby be pressing against her artery etc?

Answer It is not the baby pressing on an artery, simply that the blood flow to the uterus is much greater in pregnancy that in times of quiet she may be aware of it.

Can the baby get hurt if you are hit in the stomach at 12 weeks pregnant?

Depending on how hard you were hit it could hurt the baby. You might want to call and have your doctor take a look

If you put peanut butter on your eyebrows, will your stomach start to hurt?

Don't think so, but you will accumulate ants around your eyebrows

Does coffee hurt your stomach?

Coffee is acidic,believe it or not. If you drink super strong coffee and alot of it, it can tear the stomach lining and cause ulcers or other stomach issues. You appear to be limiting your intake, ... Read More »