Can prescription nasal sprays affect a breathalyzer test?

Answer On One Hand: Some Nasal Sprays Contain AlcoholMany prescription nasal sprays have a slight alcoholic content, according to the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). In a study they con... Read More »

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Can antihistamines affect a breathalyzer test?

Antihistamines can affect a breathalyzer test. Antihistamines cause a person's mouth to dry out, which prolongs the length of time that alcohol is detectable in the mouth. This causes the breathaly... Read More »

What is a breathalyzer test?

A breathalyzer test is administered using a device designed to estimate the blood alcohol content (BAC) of a person. The test is often employed by officers to determine whether drivers are too into... Read More »

How to Take a Breathalyzer Test?

Breathalyzer Tests don't actually test alcohol, they test light. How you breath before you blow will determine whether you test higher or lower than your actual BAC.

Can you refuse a breathalyzer test?

Yes, you may refuse to take a breathalyzer test. However, many states penalize persons who refuse to take the test. For example, in Ohio, individuals with prior DUI convictions who refuse to take... Read More »