If women have periods what do men have?

Answer Men experience hormonal changes monthly as well, its just not physical, there is no bleeding or cramping, instead they are extremely irrational, moody, and crabby, some of them experience emotion... Read More »

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Do men have commas since women have periods?

nope we just get hornier the longer we dont have sex.

Why do women sync up on their periods?

Mother Nature likes it that way:-)(Hormones...etc.)

Why do women's periods regulate around each other when they live together?

It's just another of those cosmic curses we men have to endure at the hands of women.I remember that one time I was hiking in a remote part of the Alps and I fell down a ravine. I was in a bad way ... Read More »

What is the percentage of women getting periods during pregnancy?

Answer Less than 1%. I was a midwife for 20 years and only knew one woman who had periods while pregnant.