Can pregnant women drink champagne?

Answer No. A pregnant woman should never consume alcohol.Drinking any type of alcohol in any amount during pregnancy drastically increases the chance of FAS (fetal alcohol syndrome). No alcohol should be ... Read More »

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Can a pregnant women drink Eno?

Yes. According to the Eno website, it is safe during pregnancy.

Can pregnant women drink camomile?

Yes, it isn't harmful. Good for pregnant women, like other sedative teas, but not too strong, light teas are recommended.

Can pregnant women drink alcohol?

Pregnant women are strongly advised to drink no alcohol at all. Heavy use of alcohol during pregnancy is extremely harmful and fetal alcohol syndrome is likely. Even light use of alcohol is strongl... Read More »

Can pregnant women drink Guinness?

for sure! my mother drank like a fish the whole way through. i turned out! you should not drink while pregnant! 9 times out of 10 the baby winds up with problems