Can pregnant women be around chemotherapy patients?

Answer On One Hand: Chemotherapy Is Not Transmitted Person to PersonCasual contact does not spread chemotherapy medications, so there is no danger to a pregnant woman or her fetus if the pregnant woman is... Read More »

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Can pregnant women be around chemo patients?

Yes she can. Neither cancer or chemotherapy is contagious.

Wig Information for Chemotherapy Patients?

One of the most distressing side effects of chemotherapy is alopecia, or hair loss. Chemotherapy patients often wear wigs to repair the mental damage that their hair loss has caused. ... Read More »

How to Tie a Turban for Chemotherapy Patients?

It is an unfortunate fact that many chemotherapy patients suffer from hair loss. Turbans are a creative and fun way to deal with hair loss while keeping individual style intact. Turban styles can b... Read More »

Where can I find prayers for chemotherapy patients?

Prayers for chemotherapy patients can be found online from many religious organizations. You can contact a Catholic church and ask for a copy of the prayer to St. Peregrine, the patron saint of can... Read More »