Can pregnant ladies can have cool drinks?

Answer Yes, they can. Pregnant women can drink cool, non-alcoholic drinks during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of fluid is good for women during pregnancy because it keeps them hydrated, which is good for th... Read More »

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Ladies: How many of the men in your emergency contact list have a really cool 'stache?

Just you. I mean, there ARE a few other mustaches that I would consider rubbing around on my body, but your mustache is really the only one that I constantly fantasize about. In fact, I find myse... Read More »

Mum & pregnant ladies!!may i have ur full attention please?

Aw, bless you! I'm so glad you're filled with so much joy over your little bubba! I had a boy first, then a girl. The boy was born by C secion (lazy little monkey didn't want to get into the cor... Read More »

If it's ur 1st time 2 have a alcohol shot do u have a couple drinks i.e lagers b4 it or take b4 ne drinks?

I live by the rule: "beer before liquor you'll never be sicker, liquor before beer, you're in the clear."

A letter to the non-pregnant person (pregnant ladies you might get a laugh from this)!!?