Can pregnant girls have diarrhea?

Answer yes, talk to your dr if the condition persists or worsens within 24 hours. Always check with your dr before taking any medications while pregnant.

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Girls, do you sometimes have diarrhea right before and during your period?

I can definately relate to this one. I found a link that gives a little (not much) reasoning behind it.

Can you have excessive diarrhea and flu-like symptoms if you are pregnant?

Answer Flu like symptoms yes, excessive diarrhea however, is not usually a symptom of pregnancy, however it is a symptom of more than one STD.---Answer---I have exactly the same but it is too early... Read More »

Can diarrhea and sore breasts be a sign of being pregnant?

Yes, you can get diarrhea when your pregnant, bowel movements change due to changes in the pregnant body. And one of the most tell tale signs for pregnancy is having those painfully sore breasts. I... Read More »

You smoke but since missing your period you have diarrhea after each cigarette are you pregnant?