Can prednisone destroy white blood cells?

Answer On One Hand: Prednisone Destroys White Blood CellsPrednisone is a corticosteroid--a synthetic hormone that mimics the function of natural cortisol, which maintains the body's salt/water balance, re... Read More »

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Does heroin destroy the white blood cells or damage bone marrow?

On One Hand: Heroin is DamagingHeroin (diacetylmorphine) is a semi-synthetic opioid used medically as a pain killer and as a recreational drug to induce euphoria. Habitual heroin users face an arra... Read More »

Does blood type matter when donating white blood cells?

On One Hand: Standard GuidelinesDonated white blood cell products may contain small amounts of red blood cells. According to FDA guidelines, if a blood product contains more than 2 mL (milliliters)... Read More »

Can echinacea make white blood cells?

On One Hand: Insufficient EvidenceAccording to the Mayo Clinic, there is insufficient evidence to indicate whether or not echinacea is successful in raising white blood cell count. Some studies hav... Read More »

Can white blood cells fight herpes?

On One Hand: There Is No CureAccording to, as of 2010, there is no cure for herpes. Although it is the job of white blood cells to fight infection and disease, the human immune system is... Read More »