Can power cables be recycled?

Answer Power cables, such as the ones that connect your computer components, can be recycled. However, don't take them to your local collection center and toss them into the collection bin. There are spec... Read More »

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What are the dangers of railway power cables?

Provided you don't go where you shouldn't there is no danger to you at all. In the UK, the overhead power lines on the mainline railway are energised at 25000 volts AC. Even railstaff treat this wi... Read More »

Are VGA monitor cables& power cords universal?

VGA monitor cables are universal and will fit in any computer or television VGA port. In addition, monitors use a standard power cable. The plug for the monitor is a universal, three-pin AC connect... Read More »

How to Run Amplifier Power Cables in a Honda Accord?

The amplifier power cable is essential in installing an aftermarket car stereo amplifier into your Honda Accord. The amp requires an independent power connection to the vehicle's battery. Use a pow... Read More »

Why do birds not get fried when they land on power cables?

i dont think this is the right catagory but theres not really a catagory for where to put itthey dont die because there not grounded the electricity passes through them and continues down the lineb... Read More »