Can potassium supplements cause leg muscle pain?

Answer On One Hand: Excessive Potassium Can Cause Muscle FatigueAccording to the Mayo Clinic, one of the side effects associated with potassium supplements is "weakness or heaviness of legs." Some people ... Read More »

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Can a muscle injury cause lifelong chronic pain?

On One Hand: Muscle Pain Usually Subsides Within a Few DaysMuscle pain due to overuse or injury usually subsides within a few days with proper care, according to Medline Plus. The website recommend... Read More »

Is diarrhea a side effect of potassium supplements?

I believe it is. I have experienced watery diarrhea and tension headache when I took Potassium pills. Even 1/4 of a 250 mg pill can cause multiple diarrhea for me for up to 3 days. Answer I take 99... Read More »

What are the Effects of Muscle Building Supplements?

Body builders and exercise aficionados often use muscle-building supplements as a tool in their fitness arsenal. Supplements are an additive to diet and exercise that may be either beneficial or ha... Read More »

Has anyone experienced unusual joint pain or muscle pain while on Lisinopril Mainly in the knees ?

Years ago I was put on a drug, I forget the name of it now, however within a month of taking it I could barely walk. The bones in my feet were aching so much (it was as though my ligaments would s... Read More »