Can possums get in an outdoor pond and eat your fish?

Answer On One Hand: Possums Scavenge for FoodThe North American opossum, or possum, is by nature a foraging creature whose primary diet consists of carrion, fruits and vegetation. Although the opportunist... Read More »

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Water Preparation for Fish in an Outdoor Pond?

Early spring is the ideal time to add fish to a filtered outdoor pond because the weather is mild and the newly-introduced fish have six to seven months of warm weather to settle in before the winter.

I have a leak in my outdoor koi pond?

It probably is not a leak at all, but water leaking off the back of the waterfall. Have a look here:…

How to Use a Pond As a Focus for the Outdoor Classroom?

Hands-on learning is made easy with outdoor classrooms--areas of school grounds used for educational instruction. Schools that are fortunate enough to have a pond on the grounds can use the pond as... Read More »

How to Build a Waterfall for an Outdoor Pond?

A waterfall is an eye-pleasing extension of an outdoor pond that adds soothing background noise and provides a wonderful atmosphere for relaxing after a long week or hectic weekend. You can create ... Read More »