Can popcorn be used as a mulch in vegetable and flower gardens?

Answer Answer No it cannot. Popcorn cannot hold in moisture or keep weeds from growing since it does not stay long enough on the ground. Therefore, popcorn makes a very poor mulching material. Popcorn co... Read More »

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Is moldy mulch harmful to vegetable gardens?

Moldy mulch can be harmful to vegetables or other plants. According to Harry A. J. Hoitink from the Department of Plant Pathology at Ohio State University, mold and fungi in mulch can cause some di... Read More »

How to Landscape for Flower & Vegetable Gardens?

Vegetable landscaping, sometimes called sustainable landscaping, is simply mixing vegetables and herbs in with flowers and other ornamental plants in the landscape. In smaller yards, a vegetable la... Read More »

Can Roundup be used in vegetable gardens?

Roundup is a nonselective herbicide that kills all vegetation. It is absorbed through the leaves of existing plants. It can be used in the vegetable garden before vegetables are planted. Wait one t... Read More »

Can shredded evergreen be used as vegetable garden mulch?

You should not use evergreen shreddings, or any other wood shredding or chips, to mulch a vegetable garden. The mulch will keep weeds from growing, but it will also stop the germination of your veg... Read More »