Can pop up websites be scams?

Answer Yes it's a scam. It's impossible to beat the roulette table since it is completely random and the odds are against you. The advert that popped up probably gained a commission for referring you to t... Read More »

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I need websites to unblock websites at school?

You can unblock websites with a proxy, here are a few:http://www.15sec.orghttp://www.get-me.nethttp://www.kwimbo.comPlease share them with your friends or on myspace ;)Enjoy ;)

How to Avoid Scams?

Getting scammed is a very unpleasant feeling and the loss created can be severe indeed. It is far better to avoid being scammed in the first place by taking preventative measures that will protect ... Read More »

IRS Tax Relief Scams?

Tax relief scams involve convincing a taxpayer that there are shortcuts to either avoid payment of taxes or in receiving a higher tax refund. These scams have more than one victim. The first is the... Read More »

Paypal scams?

WAIT!Be careful. Friend of mine got a payment in through Paypal, sent the item, then had the payment revoked because the payee said "I didn't authorize this"EASIEST way to protect yourself is to us... Read More »