Can pop (soda) lead to Pancreatic cancer What ingrediants would cause that?

Answer You are referring to a recent study that said that as little as 2 sugared sodas a week can lead to pancreatic cancer. The soda industry says that the study is flawed. No surprise there as this coul... Read More »

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Am I going to get pancreatic cancer?

You have the same risk as the general population. But then again, I got brain cancer and no one in my family has ever had it..

My mom might have pancreatic cancer! I'm only 13! Please help me!?

Don't fret about it unless and until it is confirmed and the docs know if or how they will treat it. It's not an automatic death sentence.

My Grandma has Pancreatic Cancer....?

sorry to hear that emily -but as we get older like most animals we tend to get more and more things wrong with us, enjoy your grandma whilst shes alive , love her and support her so when she does e... Read More »

Who is patron saint of pancreatic cancer?

Patrons against all forms of cancer •Aldegundis •Ezekiel Moreno •Giles •James Salomone •Peregrine Laziosi