Can pop (soda) lead to Pancreatic cancer What ingrediants would cause that?

Answer You are referring to a recent study that said that as little as 2 sugared sodas a week can lead to pancreatic cancer. The soda industry says that the study is flawed. No surprise there as this coul... Read More »

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Did you know that scientists have found that oral sex can cause throat cancer Would that stop you going down?

Everyone's got to die of something or the other, why not something that gives two people satisfaction?We've been told that too much sex causes prostrate cancer: Read More »

Am i having a cancer the doctor said that this symptoms may lead to cancer?

you are having a drama day.…

If it could be proven that cigarettes cause cancer, Would cigarettes be banned?

It has definately been proven that cigarettes cause cancer, lung disease, heart disease, mouth cancers gangrene and other nasties such as emphysema.I am a cynic though and I think that because the ... Read More »

In your opinion if soda was called carbonated water instead of soda how much effect would that have?

They can't call soda carbonated water becasue carbonated water is carbonated water. This is the same as saying "in your opinion if kool aid was called water instead of kool aid how much effect woul... Read More »