Can pond fish eat tortillas?

Answer According to the site Dr. Gourmet, tortillas are mainly made up of corn and flour. Although the ingredients in a tortilla are all-natural, they lack the desired nutrition to be used as a main food ... Read More »

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What do I need for a fish pond?

Adding a fish pond to your backyard is akin to creating a small ecosystem, so it requires careful planning before construction begins. There are several supplies you'll need to keep your pond healt... Read More »

What Do Pond Fish Eat?

It's essential to give your pond fish nutritional food to increase their longevity. They are good at finding food for themselves, but you can assist them with commercial brands to ensure the fish t... Read More »

DIY Koi Fish Pond?

Koi are Japanese carp that are larger than their cousin, the goldfish, and come in a variety of colors. A backyard koi pond is an attractive addition to any garden landscape and creates a charming ... Read More »

How many fish can you put in a pond?

In an unaerated pond, you can have one 12-inch fish for each 10 square feet of surface area. (The surface area is found by multiplying the length and width of your pond.) In an aerated pond, you ca... Read More »