Can plavix and coumadin be taken together?

Answer go to and under the tab drug interactions input both drugs and see what it says. You can put in as many drugs as you take and it will tell you what reacts with what or doesn't ... Read More »

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Which vitamins should be taken together?

Certain vitamins and minerals work better when they're taken at the same time. A multivitamin might include these beneficial combinations, but some vitamins and minerals need to be in specific rati... Read More »

Can Amoxicillin (Antibiotics) be taken together with Motrin?

Motrin is just ibuprofen which just thins the blood. So the its not going to have any effect on antibiotics. Its normal to be subscribed both when six. Pain Killer plus Antibiotics

Is it true dat coke and mentos taken together may kill yuo?

No. And you will not explode either.Was not true of Pop Rocks and Coke 30 yr. ago, not true with Mentos now.

What side effects occur when keppra&effexor xr are taken together?

Keppra and Effexor XR are commonly prescribed medications used to treat very different conditions. Each has potential interaction effects with several hundred other medications. These interactions ... Read More »