Can plastic trash bags be recycled with bottles&cans?

Answer Plastic bags can be recycled. Whether you can leave them in with your cans and bottles depends on your municipality and policies on curbside pickup. Some municipalities will not pick up plastic bag... Read More »

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Can plastic trash bags be recycled with bottles& cans in Rhode Island?

In Rhode Island, plastic trash bags cannot be put out beside the road for recycling collection, nor will they be recycled with bottles and cans. Trash bags filled with items will be collected as tr... Read More »

Is breathing burning plastic trash bags bad for health?

Breathing smoke and particulate matter from burning plastic of any kind is bad for your health. Burning plastic releases toxic gases and chemicals, causing eye, nose and throat irritation and incre... Read More »

Can plastic salad bags be recycled?

Prepackaged food bags, including plastic bags containing pre-washed salad, cannot be recycled. Many other bag types can be recycled, however, including zip lock bags, plastic cereal box liners and... Read More »

Can plastic bread bags be recycled?

Yes, plastic bread bags can be recycled. While plastic bags might not always be recycled with other recyclable materials, most grocery stores and general stores accept plastic bags to recycle.Refer... Read More »