Can plastic surgery improve lumpectomy scars?

Answer On One Hand: Reshaping your BreastA lumpectomy is a procedure done that removes a tumor, along with a small portion of surrounding breast tissue. Unlike a mastectomy, in which the entire breast is ... Read More »

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How to get rid of Scars Without Surgery?

As you get older, it's not uncommon to get scars. You may have scars from acne or simple injuries. If you're concerned about your scars and want to get rid of them you have many options available t... Read More »

How to Hide Under Eye Surgery Scars?

Under eye scars can look like age lines, so it works to your advantage to cover them up. Technology today has provided make up to use for just this purpose, it lets you fill in the scars and smooth... Read More »

How to Hide Arm Surgery Scars?

Surgeries can lead to unwanted side effects, including unsightly scar tissue. Time is of the essence in dealing with scars, so don't delay if you want to make them less visible. There are a number... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Surgery Scars on Your Belly?

Belly surgery can leave behind scars that may last a lifetime. Scarred skin will appear different in color and texture than the surrounding skin. Scars resulting from surgical procedures will tend ... Read More »