Can plastic surgery improve lumpectomy scars?

Answer On One Hand: Reshaping your BreastA lumpectomy is a procedure done that removes a tumor, along with a small portion of surrounding breast tissue. Unlike a mastectomy, in which the entire breast is ... Read More »

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How to Desensitize Surgery Scars?

Surgical scars are often tender to the touch and sometimes painful. Follow all of your doctor's instructions regarding post-operative care. Depending on the surgery, you may also need to work with ... Read More »

Healing of Surgery Scars?

Maybe one of the most unpleasant issues we can have with the skin is a scar. When we undergo a surgical procedure sometimes we leave behind large or smaller scars. Nevertheless, what they look lik... Read More »

How to get rid of Scars Without Surgery?

As you get older, it's not uncommon to get scars. You may have scars from acne or simple injuries. If you're concerned about your scars and want to get rid of them you have many options available t... Read More »

How to Fade Surgery Scars?

A scar occurs when new skin cells form to heal wounds from cuts, scrapes and surgical incisions. Any surgical procedure can result in a scar, depending on your surgeon's technique and your body's ... Read More »