Can plants tolerate grey water?

Answer On One Hand: Grey Water Can Be Used to Water PlantsGrey water can be a safe and beneficial way to water plants. Grey water" encompasses reclaimed water that has been used in the home for cooking an... Read More »

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What plants can tolerate being TOO wet?

How much heat can tomato plants tolerate?

Tomato plants have adverse reactions to temperatures over 90 degrees F during the day and 76 degrees F during the night. Heat can make the tomato plants drop their blossoms, which reduces the amoun... Read More »

House Plants That Do Not Tolerate Direct Light?

Houseplants enhance the general sense of well being indoors and purify the air by converting carbon dioxide into oxygen and trapping pollutants. Though all plants require light to produce food, the... Read More »

Is it OK to water vegetable plants with water that has been treated by a water softener?

No, you should not water vegetables or other plants with softened water. Softened water has been treated to remove minerals and has high sodium content. Sodium will hurt your plants and may also da... Read More »