Can plants survive without soil?

Answer Most plants can only survive for very short periods without soil - although this is determined by the type of plant. Without soil for protection the roots would dry very quickly and die; even a sho... Read More »

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Can tomato plants live&survive in water without soil?

On One Hand: Tomatoes Grow Well in Water-Based SystemsTomatoes can grow in water-based systems if they receive the right mix of nutrients, according to University of Arizona agriculture experts. Hy... Read More »

Can water lilies survive without soil?

Water lilies are aquatic plants that thrive in pools and ponds, but they do need soil to grow in as well. Most varieties of water lilies should be planted in a pot filled halfway with a loam garden... Read More »

Can plants survive without animals?

Most plants could not survive more than one or two growing seasons without the aid of animals; although many animals are herbivorous and eat plants, the interaction between plants and animals is ne... Read More »

How to Plant Pond Plants Without Soil?

If you want a clearer pond, you may want to consider going soilless. Pond baskets will allow you to grow pond plants in the water using stones instead of soil. Pond water that does not have a const... Read More »