Can plants survive without animals?

Answer Most plants could not survive more than one or two growing seasons without the aid of animals; although many animals are herbivorous and eat plants, the interaction between plants and animals is ne... Read More »

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What helps animals&plants survive?

Because plants and animals are living organisms, they require certain resources and elements in nature to survive. While some plants and animals are simpler than others, they are all relatively com... Read More »

Adaptations That Help Animals & Plants Survive?

Not every plant or animal has the luxury of running or growing free in an open field, and many have adapted to survive in tough settings that other organisms could not withstand. Plants and animals... Read More »

Can plants survive without soil?

Most plants can only survive for very short periods without soil - although this is determined by the type of plant. Without soil for protection the roots would dry very quickly and die; even a sho... Read More »

Can plants exist without animals?

Plants as we know them today cannot exist without animals. Plants and animals rely on each other for air, nutrients and reproduction. We evolved together in an unbreakable circle of life.Carbon Dio... Read More »