Can plants survive with no sunlight?

Answer Plants need either sunlight or UV light. Only mushrooms can survive well with no light source. The plants need the light for phosynthesis.

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Can flowers survive without sunlight?

Yes they can with artificial light. Like flourescent bulbs, Plant lights etc.

House Plants That Need Little Sunlight?

All plants need light to perform photosynthesis so they can grow. But while some need lots of sunlight to thrive, others have very low light requirements. To grow plants indoors, select those with ... Read More »

How does water and sunlight help plants?

It gives them nutrients so they can grow.

What plants don't need direct sunlight?

Purple Swedish Ivy makes a great hanging plant. The underside of the leaf is purplish in color and when you brush up against the plant it give off a very neat fragrance.Spider plants also are anot... Read More »