Can plants be fossils?

Answer Plants can become fossils. A leaf in mud, can be preserved as the mud turns into stone. Vegetable material does not decay without oxygen present, which is the end result after being encased in mud.... Read More »

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How to Dig for Fossils?

Finding fossils can be an adventurous and exciting hobby. Each discovery is a window into an ancient world, full of mystery and learning.

How to Dig for Fossils and Gemstones?

Digging for your own fossils, gemstones, or other artifacts is fun, educational, and good exercise.

How old are dinosaur fossils?

The oldest dinosaur fossil is between 235 and 240 million years old, according to BBC News Online. It was found in Brazil and belonged to a creature with a pointed head, 12 inches long, with a body... Read More »

How old are the oldest fossils?

According to, the oldest fossils are stromatolites, or "a lamiated rock formed by the growth of blue-green algae (i.e., cyanobacteria)." The oldest known stromatolites have been d... Read More »