Can plants be fossils?

Answer Plants can become fossils. A leaf in mud, can be preserved as the mud turns into stone. Vegetable material does not decay without oxygen present, which is the end result after being encased in mud.... Read More »

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How to Dig for Fossils?

Finding fossils can be an adventurous and exciting hobby. Each discovery is a window into an ancient world, full of mystery and learning.

How old are the oldest known fossils?

The oldest known fossils on Earth are fossilized microorganisms known as stromatolites. The remains of cyanobacteria, ancient microbes that produced oxygen, they are located in Western Australia an... Read More »

Where are most fossils located?

The most common location to find fossils is in sedimentary rock. These range from shells to teeth and bone fragments. The imprints of plants and past footprints have also been left behind. Scientis... Read More »

What Forms Fossils?

Fossils are formed when the remains of animals or plants are covered by sediment and preserved. Ancient civilizations were aware of the existence of fossils, and sometimes considered them to be the... Read More »