Can plants absorb green light through photosynthesis?

Answer Plants absorb a small amount of green light for photosynthesis. However, most of the green light is reflected, which is why leaves appear green. The chlorophyll in leaves that carries out photosynt... Read More »

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Is Photosynthesis the Chemical Process by Which Green Plants Use Light Energy to Produce Food?

Photosynthesis is the complex process by which plants digest light, carbon dioxide and water to create sugar, a plant's primary food source. Phases of photosynthesis break down into two stages: lig... Read More »

What is the green pigment used in plants in photosynthesis?

The green pigment is called chlorophyll. It is located in the chloroplasts, the primary location for photosynthesis. Photosynthesis requires sunlight, carbon dioxide and water to create sugar, whic... Read More »

Do organisms other than green plants perform photosynthesis?

A number of organisms, including plants and bacteria, are capable of performing photosynthesis. Unlike plants, cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) and red algae are capable of performing photosynthes... Read More »

Do plants need light for photosynthesis?

Sunlight is required to drive the reactions of photosynthesis. Through a series of reactions, the energy in sunlight is converted into chemical energy. The chemical energy then powers the reactions... Read More »