Can pine be used for cutting boards?

Answer Many wood cutting boards are made out of soft pine or maple wood. The natural oil found in pine can serve as a disinfectant for the bacteria that may gather on the cutting board from various foods... Read More »

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What are pine boards used for?

They are used for furniture, moulding and trim, and have many other uses in a home.

How to Paint Pine Boards?

Because pine is an inexpensive, easily-sourced wood, you can paint raw pine boards without guilt. While this offers endless possibilities for color and creativity, the knots in certain species of p... Read More »

How to Oil Bamboo Cutting Boards?

Cutting boards are prone to wear and tear because their main purpose is for chopping up meats and vegetables. It can get expensive, however, to replace a cutting board. This is especially true for ... Read More »

How to Renew Cutting Boards?

There is an ongoing debate over which type of cutting board is safer and best to use: wood or plastic. Regardless of which kind of cutting board you've chosen for your kitchen, there are ways to re... Read More »