Can photography be done without a camera?

Answer All photos are taken with a camera of some sort. The first cameras were called "Pinhole Cameras" because that is what they were: they were basically a lightproof box the size of a shoe-box that had... Read More »

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Can you study photography without a camera?

Not really. You can read books but to really apply the knowledge you need to practice. You can get a good used film SLR on eBay for less than $50 if you look around. The Vivitar v3800n is designe... Read More »

How is Kirlian photography done?

Practitioners most often photograph the patient's hand (or, less frequently, the foot), which rests on a photographic medium placed over an electrically charged metal plate.

How was the first aerial photography done?

Arthur Batut (1846-1918) attached a camera to a kite. When a lighted fuse burned to its end, the camera shutter was triggered and a photograph taken.

Can a landlord enter my house without me knowing and without my consent about any repairs needing to be done?

No, absolutely not. If you are paying, it is your personal area, and your landlord must have permission. If they are going through your house, and fixing things. that can be considered breaking and... Read More »