Can people with epilepsy live normal lives?

Answer On One Hand: Treatment Often Successfully Controls EpilepsyMayo Clinic notes that most patients with epilepsy respond well to anti-seizure medication or surgical treatment. Because choosing the rig... Read More »

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Can people with bipolar disorder live normal lives?

On One Hand: It Can Be Difficult to ManageBipolar disorder is a form of depression where a person has intense and common mood swings as well as manic attacks. Although some depression can be treate... Read More »

Can people with autism live happy married lives and have children?

While I believe that the vast majority of individuals with Autism do not marry, some do, as can be seen in the several wonderful articles that appear on Go to the category "Fa... Read More »

If a 16-year-old lives in LA with mother and father lives in MS and they have joint custody with the mother being dominant can the child leave home to go live with the father legally?

Answer Where I come from, I believe so, yes. A 16 year old is old enough to decide which parent he or she wants to live with. If you just up and leave to go live with your father without telling yo... Read More »

How to Live With Epilepsy?

Epilepsy has a hold on millions of lives today, Lets make you one less? I live with epilepsy and although it isn't very fun, I choose to live the life I was given as normal as possible. Do you stru... Read More »